Presenting My Brother Diego, The Rock Star


The year was 2011.  The city was New York.  The weather was cold, really cold.  But never mind that, the gig was on.

On my 2011 visit to the Garden State I was able to see my brother Diego in action with his band, JLB.  They were opening the 3rd Latin Rock Conference in New York City.  Not many people had heard about them at the time, but they definitely took notice as their set ended.

The crowd was taken aback by their powerful opening song, no one was ready for that much power so early in the event.  I recently found this footage, presumed lost for more than 2 years, and decided to show you what I saw that night.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my brother.

The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Training Trials

Sliding low kick to tag throw and Marduk’s got a brand new (bag?) launcher combo

I noticed that the training CPU did something remarkable with King today.
It transitioned from a sliding low leg kick (d/b+3) into a throw which was not only pretty much awesome, but even more unexpected for me.

I’ve been in need of a safe way to tag throw, that is, perform a throw with my partner, tagging him in and me out (not to be misnamed as ‘tag-grab’ or ‘tag-grabbing’ which can be confused with a ‘tea bag’ or even ‘tea-bagging’ which is, of course, the action of bagging tea).
The problem was that I was horrible at tag throws (…I still am horrible at them, but I was, too) and completely vulnerable if I mistimed any of the two buttons involved, 2 and 5.
If I pressed 5 too soon, tagging my partner in instead of tag throwing, I was wide open to attack.
If it was the number 2 button that was pressed too early, I would be sure to whiff a jab that was begging to be countered.
With this new technique I would still be open in case of a raw tag, which I don’t support unless all other options are exhausted (this writer does not support real life raw tagging AT ALL. Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool). But a jab at such a close range is a guaranteed block or hit. Either would give me just enough time to safely follow-up with something. With anything, really. And that was today’s eureka moment.

Now all I need to do is learn how to 2+5 accurately (insert dejected sigh).
To say that I have a 50/50 chance of either tagging with 5 or jabbing with 2 would be an egregious mistake. It’s somehow closer to 75/75…somehow.

And Marduk’s new launcher combo? Check the picture. It can lead to this 120 damage tag assault with wall splat (read: dayum!) that I am practicing.

Lucky Penny Thursday

Today’s lucky penny was found between a dumpster and a tree. It is dedicated to my very smart, lovable, loyal, adorable and sometimes downright stupid* dog Meatwad.

The dumpster was used to deposit Meatwad’s ‘number two’, the tree was the unwilling receptacle for Meatwad’s ‘number one’.
This is what some George Carlin fans may refer to as a ‘number three’.

The first lucky penny of the month was found not only on the last day of March 2011, but also on its last Thursday.

Think about that.**

*He knows what I’m talking about.

**Or don’t, it will probably lead nowhere. But if you do, if you really do, let me know what you came up with. We may be able to turn it into a Michael Bay-style Hollywood blockbuster. 😛

Impromptu Orlando Trip

When I asked if I spelled the word ‘impromptu’ correctly* I was met with dumfoundedness and skeptcism, another couple of words that they would have never known if they were spelled correctly. I was mocked for not using spell checker and referred to Google. Dumbasses.

Anyway, this is a not a ‘get away’ trip, it’s more like a ‘fuck you’ trip. The expletive is not meant for any one in particular; hell it’s not even my ‘fuck you’ anyway. You can say I’m on a borrowed ‘fuck you’ on this one.

Don’t worry, I’ll wash it before I return it.

So off to Orlando we go; No plans? No pants? No problem!

*I totally got it right, on my first try!

(picture provided by BlurryCam Inc.)